Music Passion-Commitment to Excellence

Elaborating good records, where the artistic is in the center, is the goal set by Calliope, a label of excellence since its beginning, in 1971, with Jacques le Calvé. When it was relauched in 2011 by Benoît d’Hau, Calliope kept its editorial policy, aiming to give even more pleasure to unquenchable and passionate music-lovers.

Calliope gathers a large classical repertory, from mainly XVIIIth and XIXth centuries, up to middle XXth century.

When Benoît d’Hau took over in 2011, the label totalized over a hundred albums with iconic musicians such as Jan Talich, Augustin Dumay, Reinhardt Goebel, Jacques Rouvier, Christoph Eschenbach, Inger Södergren, André Navarra, Maurice Allard, Jérôme Pernoo, Gérard Poulet, Régis Pasquier, the Maurice Bourgue Wind Ensemble…
Since 2011, new music trails have been traced with today’s artists : Mikhaïl Rudy, Thierry Escaich, or Giovanni Bellucci, Philippe Guilhon-Herbert, Jean-Luc Ayrolles, the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra, the Pays de Savoie Orchestra… but always respecting the artistic values set by Calliope’s founder, Jacques Le Calvé. Close to Benoît d’Hau, he remains a precious artistic advisor for the label.

Calliope – for passionate and unquenchable music-lovers!



  • Yves d’Hau – Président
  • Benoit d’Hau -Direction artistique, P&R
  • Virginia Olivier – Marketing
  • Maël Perrigault – A&R, International Label Manager
  • Barberine Martinet de Douhet – Juridique
  • Jacques le Calvé – Conseil artistique
  • Cécile Guedy – Graphism
  • Bettina Sadoux – PR
  • Alband Moraud – Sound Engineer
  • Erwann Boulay – Sound Engineer
  • Thomas Vingtrinier – Sound Engineer
  • Simon Lancelot – Sound Engineer & Mastering
  • François Moleslas – Web
  • Alexandre Gaté – Vidéo
  • Barberine Martinet